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News - Disturbing report on Cancer and Obesity [ from ]
More news on Diabetes and Obesity

Although we look for [ and link with ] sites which we believe could be useful to our viewers, advice on suitability for any treatment should be sought from a fully qualified medical professional.

Do you really need help ? Check your Body Mass Index HERE was created by the laparoscopic bariatric surgeons at the New York Bariatric Group. They are surgeons who specialize in the treatment of severe obesity using minimally invasive surgical techniques. We hope that you never need it, but their site is one of the best resources we have found for information on surgery solutions for weight problem plus sizes

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Diabetes - everything that you may need for diabetes - the most common medical problem in Plus Sizes - in one convenient online stop.

APY60 - The Official Yoga Regimen of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!
Get fit, get happy, and change your life in 60 days with APY60. This 60-day ultimate power yoga DVD Program was developed by Kurt Johnsen, found of American Power Yoga, to help you lose weight, gain strength and find peace. one of the best diet and weight loss help
sites we have found, with discussion and 'buddy' help forums. is a good site for information links and support for anyone who has to go through this surgery. They have also a forum on Yahoo Groups where those concerned can ask questions and share experiences

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