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Big and Tall Furniture

Relax The Back - Office
Is your furniture causing you pain in the neck or back? Maybe it's your home chair or sleeping position.

Maybe it's your office chair.
( the average office worker spends 2,000 hours a year sitting in a chair. ) That's 2,000 hours, or 1/3 of your life, with the potential to wreak havoc on your spine.

At Relax the Back they have solutions - for resting, sitting and sleeping.
Most of their furniture is warranted for weights up to 275 lbs. ( we asked )
They have tall sizes too.
Made to Fit you...Living XL
Living XL have great heavy duty redwood patio furniture

ALIMED medical and ergonomic products have office chairs by Somacomfort, Bodybilt, Obus Forme, Maxwell, Zampano and RFM Metro.
Chairs to fit big and tall men and plus size women available in a regular size and a larger size for 250 - 500+lb people. From the On-line store section of their site - click Ergonomics - Office Ergonomics - Office Chairs.
The web-site takes a little time to load.

DAUPHIN make a large range of ergonomic chairs. Most come in 'large styles'
Their site doesn't give a lot of information about chair loads or product specs, just pictures and prices. For the locatio
n of the dealer or sales representative nearest you, contact them at 1.800.995.6500. or you may order a chair on line.

Tip for Toilets and Water Closets
Go to a major plumbing supply and ask about "handicap" toilets. These are made mostly for commercial use to meet ADA and local handicap requirements, and have a 17"-18" seat height, much better for longer legs (and bad backs or restricted ease of movement ). Expect to pay 50% more, but they are often in stock in white. Expect to have to place a special order for anything other than a limited selection for colors.

Relax The Back - Tempur Pedic Mattresses

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