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BANNER RATES, good until Dec.31st 2013.

All rates are for a 3 month period, paid in advance, for a standard 468x60 banner, .gif, swf or jpg, less than 12KB.
All banners / potential listees are subject to editorial approval. [ We do not have or link to adult content sites, for example ]

We are not required by law to charge VAT yet, so all quotes are nett

We're dirt cheap with our rates, [ just compare us to Yahoo Searchmarketing for example, where Top 3 text listings for ''plus size clothing'' cost 52-56 cents a click-through ]
- but we want you, our advertiser, to benefit too !

A slot ''below our Logo'' for a 468x60 banner, with your 25 word text description, is $120 for 3 months for top slot. $100 for second slot. Third slot is $80.

( First to ask gets the top slot. Second comer gets the next slot beneath - we don't
believe in auctioning or charging you more than you initially expected to pay)

''Under affiliates - above reciprocal linkings'' 468x60 for $60 for 3 months
or $40 for a 234x60, again with a 25 word text link.

If you have UK customers we will add you to the relevant page of FREE while you are advertising on PlusSizeUSA.

Our site traffic is steady at 600+ visits a day now, [ Jan 30 '13] and it's all organically driven ( we do not use paid advertising ). That said we cannot give guarantees about future visitor numbers, especially in the current search engine environment.

You can have a free text listing from if your site serves Plus Sizes and we like it, and your free text listing isn't affected if you don't do a deal for a banner, although if you don't give us a reciprocal link-back we will not add a text description , downgrade your listing to page bottom, and any and all banners will appear above you.
We hope that you can see that we are offering a fair and honest deal
We await your contact
Sincerely yours,
Your future business partners,
Diane and Brian Marshall..

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Plus Size USA's advertising banner rates

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